Friday, August 26, 2011

Reflections from our first week

My favorite thing this week was:
Jacquelyn- Show n Tell.
Taha- playing with the dollhouse
Brian- Playing with the view masters
Colette-reading books
Angelina- singing
Lucas- running at recess
Chloe- going to recess
Tyler- play in blocks
Haider- reading books
Alexander- going to lunch
John- sharing
SarahBeth- having cirlce time to share stuff
Brinda- puzzles
Ella- Show-n-Tell
Ava- Mr. Potato Head
Cooper-My birthday
Reid- legos
Taylor- playing with the dollhouse

and my favorite was watching all of the children interact with one another and make new friends that could possibly last for a lifetime.

Your sons and daughters are fun, energetic, playful, joyful, happy, excited learners. I know some of them may tell you they don't want to come to school, but when they arrive they are happy and eager to learn. I look forward to this year.

See you at the school.

Mr. Jimmie O'Quinn, B.Ed., M.Ed.
Rummel Creek Elementary

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Jose and Mary Dominguez said...

Lucas loves your class and when I pick him up he is very excited to tell me about math!