Friday, September 23, 2011

Pre-K Day 24

Wow!!! What a fun, energetic, crazy ride it has been.

We have read, written, talked, checked out books and made many wonderful new friends.

This past week was a week full of new technology. We went to the computer lab on Tuesday morning and worked on improving our mouse control skills, and using the keyboard. On Wednesday we had time to explore the app's on the iTouches, we also had to work on sharing. On Thursday, we used the Netbooks and learned a new program called Odyssey and learned how to use a built in mouse on the computer. Very challenging, but we where successful!! Friday was a day to use the activboard for the first time. It was a fun time.

As you can see our education will not only be reading, writing and arithmatic but technology on a daily basis. Time to learn and be challenged.

A Great week, exciting and challenging but very beneficial.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mr. O'Quinn

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