Saturday, August 20, 2011

Welcome to Pre-K

New Pre-Kindergarten students and families, welcome to PreK at Rummel Creek Elementary.

Below you will find a second blog for my family and I would like for you to read the latest post about my Crazy Summer. I believe this will assist in putting rumors that you may hear in the neighborhood to rest. It has been a trying summer for me but all is coming to an end. If you have questions after reading, send me an e-mail.

This will be a year full of fun and exciting events. Don't forget to register to be an approved SBISD volunteer. That will enable you to be able to attend parties, read to the class, help in the computer lab, field trips, math tubs, writing workshop and many other activities. We can't wait to see you in the classroom.

I will see you all on Monday morning, August 22nd.


Mr. Jimmie O'Quinn, B.Ed., M.Ed.
Rummel Creek Elementary

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