Monday, July 11, 2011

Tool #8 Looking at the Tools

I will be receiving 3 Netbooks and 5 iTouches for my classroom and I am very excited about giving my students exposure to both of the tools.

With the 3 Netbooks, I believe it will give students the opportunity to explore different programs and items in Google Docs. This tool will give my PK children an opportunity to practice with keyboarding, learning letters and about how to use parts of the keyboard- space bar, enter, delete, backspace, tab, caps lock, etc. I think by allowing them to explore at an early age this can remove some of the confusion when they are in older grades. The newest and most difficult to use will be the webcam, but after the initial instruction it should become easiar and more productive.

With the 5 iTouches, I will be very deliberate with the apps that I load to make sure they are all grade level appropriate, I will also load recorded books that are useful for my students.

To manage the iTouches in the classroom my plan is to divide the students into groups of 5 and give each group 15 uninterupted minutes everyday to work on apps that will help them learn specific skills.

The NetBooks I am planning on giving each student 10 independent minutes and rotate through the whole class over two days.

I am very excited about the tools that I will have in the class. Thank you Spring Branch for providing the tools for the students.


RCELibrarian said...

For the iTouches - there are some great links to FREE books on line. I'm hoping that Tumble Books will come through with the app they were to work on!

Anonymous said...

I have not gotten this far yet but am really looking forward to adding a lot of tools to my classroom this year. Can't wait to get to Tool #8. Barbara B.