Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tool #7 Going Global

Many of the tools explored seem to be rather advanced for Pre-K children and very labor intensive for the classroom teacher. GlobalSchoolNet and Class2Class-math projects seem to be outdated and if anything is recreated they would need to be PK specific.

The tool that I believe to be most usable to get us out of the classroom is to create and then invite participants to Skype. Most likely PK/K teachers in the district and in other districts, possibly a PK center in Aldine.

It is very exciting to help the students to the experience of going global and flattening the walls to the classroom.

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Karen said...

Think of things that you can use to help you communicate with parents...or an activity that you may do more "teacher directed" Skyping would be a good thing to try...think of experts to bring into your classroom.