Friday, September 11, 2009

Our FAVORITE thngs this week!!

We liked:
A.C. liked to play in the kitchen. I liked to do puzzles.
A.W. I love school. I liked to play with puzzles.
A.S. Liked to play in the car center.
S. B. liked to play with the instruments.
A.N.C. I like to play on the playground. I like to run. I like to play on computers.
A.G. I like to read book and I like to write.
E.E. I like to play in the block center.
E.T. I like to play instruments.
M.D. I like to play puzzles.
K.C. I like to make pictures and I like the parachute. That was the funnest thing ever.
V.P. I like to play with the math tubes and I like to color.
D.S. I like to play.
C.K. I like to play with painting.

As you can we we have many favorites and they are as varied as our personalities. We are having fun learning new skills and are loving the new experiences.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help out in the classroom. You will be a wonderful asset to classroom instruction. We will begin computer lab time next week on Friday and read aloud will begin in October.

Thank you for a wonderful beginning to a MARVELOUS year.

Mr. O'Quinn & the lively bunch of learners!

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