Saturday, September 05, 2009

Great Beginnings!

Pre-K is off to a GREAT year!

The students have learned expectations for classroom behavior and routines for work. We have learned how to use each of the learning centers and will begin using painting center, rice table and art center this next week.

Remember to bring library books on Tuesday because we will go to the library on Tuesday morning.

Some of what we have worked on beyond routines are letter/sound association, sight words, listening comprehension and following directions. Students also LOVE music time, we have been working on steady beat while playing the drum and other instruments. We like singing songs like "I Like Me" "Brown Bear" and so many more.

Your children have been fun in class and we enjoy seeing them everyday. Thank you for bringing your children to school everyday.

Don't forget to send family collages by September 11th.

Mr. O'Quinn :-)


AVA said...

Hi All,
Please try to make it to the Pre-K meet and greet on Wednesday, September 9th at Tracy Thornton's house. An email with the address will be sent to you and a flyer went home, too. Hope to see everyone there!
Nancy Cofran and Tracy Thornton
Room Moms

Jessica said...

Hi Mr. O'Quinn...
I'd love to come read a story or two to the children on Mondays or Wednesdays (my semi-days off)...please let me know what times are good so we can coordinate..I want to get to know Jackson's friends! Jessica Holt