Monday, June 13, 2011

Tool #4 Moving to the clouds

Google Docs is a tools that helps to create many short cuts to creating documents, recreating and sharing the all the people involved.

While exploring the tools I did several different things including creating a Document and then sending it to the person who needs to give input into its' content. It was a much easier process then having to create, save, open an email, insert the document and wait for a reply to make the corrections. I like the ability to collaborate.

I also used the Google calendar and sent new calendar appointments to other persons who are outside of the SBISD system. It allows me to reach a broader spectrom of persons. I think I will use the Google calendar for my PK parents next year for classroom reminders, and I will also have my room mom add PTA dates and volunteers to our calendar.

The other tools I explored and will use with my students are Sites to create a PK class website and Groups to facilitate class discussion with parents about classroom volunteering, field trips, reading, etc.

Are their other tools that teachers have used that are easy to modify for younger students?


RCELibrarian said...

As a preK teacher much of what you experience may need to be done from your end...the kids may not be able to produce individually. When you pick a partner this year...see if you can get a "learning buddy" that will do computer activities with you. Then the kids could do wordles or play in google docs easier....just a thought.

Karen J said...

Google Sites is a great way to share the "happenings" in your classroom with parents and students. It is easy to embed pictures and products made with other Web 2.0 tools. Could you see your students responding to pictures you might post - say for a science unit - on a class blog and allowing them to comment using their invented spelling?