Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pre-Kindergarten Tool #1

I am so excited about 11-tools. I think it will give me good insight into what I can add to my Pre-K day to help the students gain technological skills and tools.

I am also glad that I got to use the same blog from earlier. I have too many going and didn't want to keep up with another blog.



RCELibrarian said...

Welcome to the 11 Tools journey. I hope that you enjoy the trip through all of the tools you can use with your students. Sit back and enjoy the venture….you’ll be glad you did….you’ll find yourself trying more and more new things. Check my blog ( ) I will post some things that I find will help you through this journey. Check this weblink to see all of the teachers’ sites from RCE…we’ll build a great sharing team! I am so excited that we are doing this together. (
Be sure to watch all of the videos and read the notes…they help a lot. You’ll love the common craft videos…they really bring it to a level that I can understand!
Although you are spending some time exploring these tools….have a restful enjoyable summer!

Mrs. Timmreck's Kindergarten Class said...

I like your Avatar, Jimmie!!