Monday, August 30, 2010

A New Beginning 2010-2011

We have learned names of our friends! Then we sang songs, have you heard, "Hey My name is Joe?" you should ask your son or daughter to sing for you. We also went on a "Bear Hunt" it was GREAT!!!

We have been reading new books and have made several new friends including, David who's mom always told him No! and Bertie, who has some really GROSS habits, ask your kids about his eewy habits!

We have been learning to sequence events and character of a story, we (they) are AMAZING when it comes to Brown Bear.

We have had a few discussions about authors and illustrators and we have written in our journals and showed off our own skills as authors and illustrators.

Don't forget SHOW-and-TELL is every Friday!

Thanks for sending your children to school!

So far, we are 100% perfect attendance.

See you at school!
Mr. O'Quinn

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmie! I love your PreK blog! I have just started one of my own, and after reading yours I have a better understanding of what is for. I look forward to reading more! Have a great end of the school year!
Cary Davis
Wildcat Way