Saturday, October 03, 2009

An Exciting Week Ahead!

What a GREAT week we had last week with the Fall Festival at the end of the week. I think everyone had FUN!!

Don't forget we go to the library Monday morning and everyone needs to bring library books back.

Monday will also hold other first including everyone will checking out a book from the classroom library and all students will receive a homework backpack that they will keep and return on Friday along with the book checked out from the classroom. Please spend 20-30 minutes per night on homework, including reading.

Please help your child gain independence by:
1. reminding them to put folders in their backbacks,
2. letting them walk to the classroom alone in the morning, and
3. reminding them of library books.

Thank you all for the help you have given us in the classroom. We NEVER could manage computer lab time without parent volunteers. Also thenks to those who have come and read to the students they love having you come.

If anyone has time in the next two weeks, I will need someone to make some diecuts, some to cut out lamination and copies that need to be made. Please let me know when and if you can come and I will have everything ready.

Looking forward to a wonderful week.
Mr. O'Quinn

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