Monday, July 07, 2008

Thing # 6

mashups, picassa, mosaics are so much fun.

I see so many ways I can use these programs to create teaching tools to use in different units with my students. I think I can create tools in the programs with my students either individually, whole or small group. The possibilites are limitless!

My goal now is to think through how to sequence each of the new tools and how to introduce them to my four-year-olds. After I have that plan in place then I will try to figure out how to manage this with only two computers, no computer lab and 22 students.

I am learning so much!


VWB said...

if anyone can figure out how to make the magic work, you will! :-)
anyone who teaches 4-yr olds every day has to have magical powers!

CMartin21 said...

Being a parent of four girls yourself I'm sure you can relate to my amazement with the technological accomplishments of my four-year old daughter. It's truly amazing what these little ones pick up simply by observing. When motivation is high, they seem to find the tools necessary to accomplish what they want to do. I think your students are fortunate to have a teacher who is willing to give them a chance to find out what they can do with these amazing tools!