Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Thing #2

Seven new habits? Oh my! I already have enough habits that the Library Lion would like me to get rid of, but here are seven new one. YEAH!

As I review the list of the 7 Habits I think that the most difficult one for me will be to create my own learning toolbox. My toolbox for technology.

I am a life long learner and always try to see what I can learn from each new situation and from my students. Teaching and mentoring others has been a goal for me so that I can help to improve our profession and help others see that we teach not because we couldn't do anything else but because there is value and knowledge in education.

The easiest of the 7 habits is PLAY! After all I teach PreK and we play ALL day. We don't whistle while we work and play but we are always learning.

The title of this whole project 23 things to PLAY! What a fun way to learn, by PLAYING!

1 comment:

LKP said...

Play away Crazy Man!!!
I know you will have a great time! I like your Avatar and your blog, so I'll keep checking to see how it's going :)!
P.S Tell the Library Lion I said Hi!